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Resorts and Farmhouses in Mumbai

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Resorts and Farmhouses in Mumbai

Resorts and Farmhouses in Mumbai have a cosy and warm feeling that is perfect for a wedding amidst nature. Add some minimal wedding decoration and you have the perfect spot to tie the knot. Since these venues are away from the hustle and bustle of the city along with a well-maintained garden space it adds a different kind of charm to any kind of wedding. A small dining area centred around a nice dense plantation area can work like a charm to woo your guests. This kind of atmosphere can help you feel the typical countryside vibe with birds chirping alongside on the day of the ceremony. These little things will give you an extremely good aura and will make you fall in love instantly. Here are some things you need to keep in mind before booking resorts and farmhouses in Mumbai.

What do you need to know before booking resorts & farmhouses in Mumbai?


There are some enchanting wedding destinations in Mumbai that range from palatial, rural estates to stunning, modern buildings. Make sure you choose a venue which is closer to the bus route and train stations. In addition to the locality you prefer, you can also choose the extra features like venue capacity, and food preferences at We have some enchanting lists of wedding resorts and farmhouses in Mumbai which will make you crave more. These are also perfect for destination weddings.


Once you have chosen an ideal location, go-ahead with your venue search that accommodates your guests comfortably. In, we offer venues to accommodate both larger and smaller groups with enough facilities for an entire event. The holding capacity of the resorts and farmhouses in starts from 50 to 1000 above. You can also consult with our venue experts in through the chat option, or you can make a call with us to inquire above the venue. We will guarantee that you and your guests will get an unforgettable experience.

Food type:

The accomplishment of a wedding event is achieved when it gives the best ambience and catering services with excellence. In, we have venues that offer both veg and non-veg catering services. You can choose the best one in the filter option based on your culinary taste. Explore our list of resorts and farmhouses in Mumbai and book a venue for your engagement ceremony, bridal shower, bachelor party, wedding ceremonies, and wedding reception exclusively at

The resorts and farmhouses in Mumbai are contemporary with a touch of minimalism and sophistication which will fulfil your needs. Our vast experience in this field gives us a progressive strength over others in handling small and big ceremonies since we are fully aware of the needs and demands of our customers.

How to choose resorts & farmhouses in based on your preferences?

In, we have developed a user-friendly booking portal to make your venue hunting process easier, with the appropriate navigation texture. After choosing the state Mumbai, you are directed to a list of venues available on that particular date. You can refine your selection by clicking on the refine search option. Our filter option consists of five different categories, they are as follows:

Venue types: offers Kalyana Mandapams, Banquet halls, Mini halls, Party halls and Resorts & Farmhouses. Since you are looking for resorts and farmhouses, you can go with it.


Choose a locality you are willing to host your special ceremony in Mumbai.


In, the seating capacity of our venues starts from 50 to 1000 and above. We are providing the hall capacity and the dining capacity of the venue. You can select a suitable one based on your expected guest count.

Air Conditioning: offers both AC and Non AC venues. You can select the one based on seasonal preferences.

Food type: offers both Veg and Non-veg food categories. You can pick the apt one based on your food priorities.

After setting your preferences, you can go with the show venues option. Thereby you'll get the list of resorts and farmhouses in Mumbai based on your priorities. Then you can click check the availability option after choosing your event date. You can proceed further after filling your contact details. Meantime, you can also directly call the venue authorities for clarifications.

Since destination weddings in Mumbai are setting trends in modern times, we have listed the most inspiring wedding resorts and farmhouses in Mumbai that will leave you awestruck and put you a step closer to Indian destination weddings.

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