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Destionation Weddings in India


See list of Best Wedding Venues in all Indian cities Find and compare Banquet Halls, Hotels, Farmhouses, Resorts and Wedding Venues. See Prices, Capacity, Food Policy, Reviews, Photos of best Wedding Venues in all Indian cities, Schedule a visit with WeddingBazaar venue manager to get best deal!

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Best Wedding Venues

India has a culture of hosting fairytale weddings. Weddings are the biggest affair of most couple’s lives and why not? For, they celebrate your love and togetherness. Weddings in India are grand and the rich heritage of the country offers the most exotic locations to tie a knot in. Beaches, mountains, or woods, you find it all in India. Over the years, the Indian wedding industry has crafted some gorgeous wedding venues for you to get married in. We did the hard work to bring to you the best wedding venues in India at the best possible prices. Browse through the list to pick your favorite one and contact them directly. For more information about any of them, request a callback from us. We will reach out to you at the earliest! ^_^

Find Best Wedding Venues @ WeddingBazaar

The wedding in India is huge. Indians celebrate their wedding to the fullest and we, at WeddingBazaar, make sure that happens. The very first step to a successful wedding plan is to look for a gorgeous wedding venue. Step out to look for a wedding venue in India and you will be bombarded with numerous options of the most gorgeous locations.

While these huge numbers of options available give you a lot to choose from they might also be overwhelming and might end up confusing you even more. WeddingBazaar promises to assist you in your wedding planning. We came up with this ultimate guide that you must keep in mind while looking for the best wedding venues in India. Take notes, now!

Types of Wedding Venues

Over millions of people means over millions of ideas of the perfect wedding. While some prefer the breezy beaches and lush farmhouses, others might believe that luxurious yet comfortable banquet halls and resorts beat them all.

Luckily, India owing to its great diversity of land and expertise of the personnel working in the Indian wedding industry has a great variety of options for all these ambitious to-be-married soon couples. Let’s look at the details about some of the types of wedding venues you can choose to book for your big day.

The Great Royal Palaces: The most prestigious rulers set up their empire and built aesthetically pleasing palaces in the country. These palaces have turned into the most popular wedding locations in modern-day India with couples wanting to add the royal touch to their wedding.

Luxurious Farmhouse: If ‘rustic’ is your style, there cannot be a better option than the gorgeous farmhouses in the country. They are chosen by couples for their pretty and cozy woods blend with the modern-day comfortable amenities. With some hard work, farmhouses can be your dream wedding-ready venue in no time.

Breezy Beaches: Destination weddings have been trending over the past few years and nothing beats to the charm of a cheerful beach wedding. India has a bunch of beaches that you can book and set up your decor to tie a knot on your special day. Let the sand and waves touch your feet, opt for a laid-back and relaxed wedding.

Banquet halls: Banquet halls are spaces designed to especially to host your grand affairs in. It is made with all the amenities that you require and the staff present at the venue are well versed in their jobs. Weddings in banquet halls are the most extravagant ones with minimal hard work.

Resorts: Outdoor weddings are the favorite ones especially in summers, springs, or even autumns. A resort, for a gorgeous outdoor wedding, simply cannot go wrong. The entertainment options are the raw prettiness of these resorts make them the go-to options for the couples who want a pleasant and gorgeous wedding.

House of Worships: Weddings in India have been cultural and religious affairs for a very long time. Couples, often, opt to get married in places of worship like - temples, mosques, churches, gurudwaras, and many more. Mostly the couples who opt for weddings at religious places book other spaces for wedding functions like engagement, reception, Haldi, Mehndi, etc.

Hotel Wedding Venues: Much like the banquet halls, the staff working in these hotels know what they are doing. These venues have a major advantage of letting your outstation guests stay at your venue making them more comfortable and happy. Additionally, grand hotels have spaces to host events like your engagement and reception ceremonies. 

How to Choose Best Wedding Venues?

India is a land of diversity and offers you a never-ending list of options when you go out to find a wedding venue for yourself to get married in. The good news is that this diversity offers venues according to the interest of almost everyone.

However, you might lead a little professional knowledge and a helping hand to make sure that you choose the right one for yourself and do not end up in chaos. Well, worry not! WeddingBazaar is to make wedding planning easier for you. Below is the list of things that you must remember or even discuss with your wedding venue vendor if required. 

Things to discuss while choosing wedding venues

Wondering what to discuss with your vendor while choosing the perfect wedding venue vendors to make sure that you live your dream wedding can be a bit of a task. More often than not, people miss out on certain important points while discussing their needs with their wedding venue vendor and end up in chaos later. As promised, WeddingBazaar assists at every step of your wedding planning process. So, here are 7 things that you should not miss in your discussion.

  • First and foremost, you must inquire about the availability and pricing of the wedding venue of your choice. You must know if the venue is available on the date that you have chosen to n tie a knot on ( Pro Tip: Be a little flexible with your dates to book your dream venue). The earliest possible date when you can book the venue for your wedding must also be enquired. The pricing for wedding venues varies as per the seasons and the day of the week that you choose to get married on. The number of hours that you can spend on the venue and the in and out timings are also to be asked about.

  • Another thing that you should keep in mind while booking your wedding venue is to discuss the payment of the rent. After knowing the amount that needs to be submitted as a deposit, the payment structure must also be reviewed by you. Discuss if the amount that you are paying includes taxes, cleaning fees, etc. Read about the cancellation policy very carefully and inquire about the last date to make any changes to the plan.

  • Thirdly, discuss with them the vendors that are going to create your wedding. If they have an approved list of vendors who work at the venue. If not, is there some limitations or guidelines that are to be followed while hiring vendors. 

  • Logistics at your wedding venue must be taken care of. For example, check if there is a parking space available for your guests if your guests will have to pay to park their vehicles, etc. It is also important to note that if the space is handicapped accessible (if you have any guests who are handicapped) and the noise restrictions and permissions must be carefully discussed

  • There are many event-specific things that you are supposed to discuss with your wedding venue vendor like the capacity of the wedding space, the sound equipment available, is there are any restrictions on decor and when can the vendors arrive to set up your wedding ambiance

  • One of the most important steps in your wedding planning, the food and beverages must also be discussed with the wedding venue coordinator. If the venue has an in-house wedding caterer or do you need to hire one if there are some restrictions on non-vegetarian food at the venue. Is alcohol allowed at the venue are some F&B related queries that must be discussed with your wedding venue vendor.

  • Last but not least, you must know that one person that you are supposed to contact in case of any doubt while planning your wedding or in case of any requirement on the wedding day. Make sure that you meet this person and discuss all your wedding planning requirements with him/her.

Wedding Venues Pricing

Weddings are a dynamic industry and so are its prices that prices incurred in booking your dream wedding venue varies a lot depending upon the type of wedding venue that you book, the luxuries & amenities that they offer along with the reviews about the wedding venue by the people who chose to get married at those venues earlier.

For example, tying a knot at a house of worship rather than a luxury farmhouse or resort is much more affordable. The top wedding venues in India differ when it comes to their pricing system while some venues charge for the space that they provide, the others charge per plate that they serve.

There is a huge price range of wedding venues in India but WeddingBazaar has a list of wedding venues for almost all budgets. Additionally, a special wedding manager at WeddingBazaar helps you to bargain with the wedding venue vendor to get the best offers for you.

Others Wedding services provided by WeddingBazaar

WeddingBazaar promises to take care of all your wedding planning needs. Other than connecting you with the best wedding venues in India to create your dream wedding, there are several other services that we assist you with. Take a look at these services below:

  • Wedding Photographers in India: To preserve memories of your big day is as important as the day itself. So, compromising a wedding photographer ain’t a question. Hire the best wedding photographer in your city via WeddingBazaar. 

  • Wedding Videographers in India: Your love story is no less than a fairytale and this fairytale deserves to be captured in the lenses of the most talented wedding videographers. Hire the best ones to craft a movie out of your wedding.

  • Wedding Decorators in India: The soul of your gorgeous wedding lies in its ambiance. Countries' best wedding decorators create the most amazing and unique wedding settings for you to tie a knot in.

  • Wedding Planners in India: Planning is the backbone of your wedding. The wedding planner that you choose can simply make or break your wedding. Therefore, you must choose the right wedding planner for your big day.

  • Wedding Invitations Designers: Your wedding invitation is the first look at your wedding, you gotta make it special. Get your wedding invitations designed by our talented designers to impress your guests with the first look of your wedding and invite them in style.

  • Choreographers in India: What’s an Indian wedding without some grooving on the floor? Learn a few steps on the latest Bollywood numbers and celebrate the happiest day of your life at its fullest.

  • Bridal Makeup Artists in India: Brides! We know the importance of this day in your life and, of course, your wish to look your gorgeous best on this special day. The best makeup artists work hard to make you look the best version of yourself as you wish for!

  • Bridal Designers in India: You have been thinking of your perfect “Shaadi Wala Lehenga’ since forever. Let our desires know every specific detail that you wish for and see them create a masterpiece for you!

  • Bridal Mehndi Artists in India: Have you ever seen a bride without gorgeous mehndi designs adorning her hands and legs? No! Our talented and super-creative mehndi artists work day and night to create beautiful and unique mehndi designs for you to make sure that your mehndi stands out among the rest!

Frequently Asked Questions about Top Wedding Venues

Q - How Does WeddingBazaar help in booking the Best Wedding Venues in India?

WeddingBazaar has been working in the wedding industry for years now. Over the years, we have worked hard to earn the valuable trust of the customers. A team of researchers at WeddingBazaar is always on a lookout to add more and more beautiful wedding venues to our list of wedding venues in India. On finding these wedding venues, our experts analyze them based on their visits to the venue, amenities that they offer, and the reviews of the people who have booked these venues in the past to select the best ones. The best ones in different categories are listed on the website in almost every budget for you to find the space to create your dream wedding. The users are welcome to browse through the information, pictures, and reviews about these venues and choose the one for them as per their needs. The vendors can be directly contacted via the given phone number or you can request a callback from us to get a quotation with their other details about the venue.

Q - When are the Wedding Venues cheapest?

The prices to book wedding venues in India vary a lot. The type of venue that you choose and the days that you choose to get married on decided that amount that you will be paying to book the best wedding venue to create your wedding at. The off-wedding season usually observes a lesser amount of traffic and so the venues are comparatively cheaper. Additionally, choosing to book these venues on weekdays will save you a lot of money, for most people want to get married on weekends for the convenience of their guests.

Q - Where can I find the Best Wedding Venues?

India is a land of diversity. All types of wedding venues are available for you here. The huge number of options is great news, these options, become overwhelming and can confuse you even more. Here is where WeddingBazaar steps in. The best venues are carefully selected by our experts after examining the venues and check the reviews about the venues. The selected ones are listed on the website along with all the details to you to choose the best one for yourself.

Q - How do Wedding Venues charge?

Different wedding venues charge differently in India. While some charge you for space and the amenities that they provide, others charge you per plate of food. The former one is a fixed price; the latter one, on the other hand, varies depending on the number of guests. In the popular per plate pricing system adopted by most venues these days, the veg and non-veg plates are charged differently.

Q - Does Wedding Venues allow outside catering?

This, again, differs from venue to venue. Some venues have an in-house caterer and allow only that caterer to serve food at the venue, some venues have an approved list of caterers that they allow at their venue. While a fair share of venues, allow an outside caterer to serve at the venue.

Q - How to negotiate with the Wedding Venues Vendors?

The prices to book these wedding venues are not fixed. Negotiating with the vendors, however, can be a task that might require a helping hand. Don’t Worry! We got you. Each WeddingBazaar customer is assigned a special wedding manager who assists them to negotiate with the wedding venue vendors to get the best venues at the lowest price possible

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