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Best Banquet Halls in Delhi

Delhi is the most talked-about city for its luxurious and grand weddings or events. Besides this, Delhi is one of the cities of our country where you can have a large number of options for everything ranging from small or big tea shops, cafes to big five-star resorts or banquet halls. That’s, you may find it a bit challenging to choose a suitable banquet hall for your wedding, and that’s why we made this list of the Best Banquet halls in Delhi to help you out.

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Things to consider before booking banquet halls in Delhi

Getting married in Delhi? Planning to book a banquet hall? Worry not! We got you covered. We know how much effort it takes to plan a wedding and every bit of you would try to make it lavish and memorable in a certain way. All wedding preparations in India start by booking the venue first and deciding on a specific banquet hall to carry out the various pre-wedding as well as post-wedding ceremonies.

The D-day of your lives must be perfect to make only good memories. Multiple functions with family and friends around require quick hosting decisions that include comfortable venues, accessible locations, easy navigation, etc. After All, it’s not practically possible to direct each of your guests to the venue by phone or personal assistance. Several things need to be kept in mind while booking a banquet hall for your wedding and other related functions. 

A blend of all the factors that are necessary to be on your checklist for booking a banquet hall in Delhi is mentioned below. Consider the things below for booking a banquet hall in Delhi:

Catering: Ensure to check with the catering service providers for the banquet hall. You would definitely not want to compromise with the quality and taste of food for your special day. Having a word with caterers and examining their service beforehand will help you make a decision whether to go to a particular banquet hall or not. This part must not be missed and must be taken into account while selecting an ideal banquet hall in Delhi. Most of the banquet halls in Delhi provide their personalized catering service but if you want to make some outside additions then you can always check with the service providers to make arrangements accordingly and also negotiate the pricing. 

Ambiance: Check out the whole ambiance and true vibe of the banquet hall by visiting the place for yourself after you’ve had a conversation with the service provider over call or message. You must take care that the whole setting of the place is cheerful and inviting for your guests. If you’re planning a particular theme for your D-day then you should check whether the place can justify it or not. Banquet halls must have a proper set-up for pre-wedding functions like Mehndi, sangeet, and cocktail, and should also cover the reception further. Amenities and arrangements of the banquet hall must be cross-checked with the service provider.  

Pre-Booking: If you are opting for a busy scheduled banquet hall in Delhi, then you just ensure pre-booking facilities and charges. Sometimes, the banquet halls charge a surplus amount, especially for last-minute bookings. All such end-moment hassle must be avoided by making the booking at least 2-3 months early especially when ‘shadi season’ of Delhi is approaching. A contract signed between you and the venue provider will ensure that there are no last-minute cancellations or any other problems related. This step will ensure that you don’t end up getting into a conflict with the banquet hall service providers at the end moment.

Capacity: You should have an estimate of arriving guests to ensure the availability of capacity before making a final booking of the banquet hall. The count of guests must be taken care of or an extra estimate must be considered while searching for an ideal capacity banquet hall. The sitting arrangements and other accommodations should fulfil your guest list. Book accordingly. Don’t choose massive banquet halls which may look empty or very compact ones where it becomes overcrowded. Decide beforehand and prepare a final estimation of wedding attendees to book an exactly suitable banquet hall in Delhi. The full capacity of the halls must be checked and proper ventilation services must be taken care of. Do not miss that these are some essential points to the checklist to make your guests feel comfortable and at ease. 

Location: The location of the banquet hall matters the most and plays an important role in saving time and completing every function within the timeframe. Delays in ceremonies, the arrival of guests, and other celebrations can be easily avoided by deciding on an ideal location for the banquet hall even if you’re planning for venues on the outskirts of Delhi. Choose a place that is near to the bus stand, railway stations, or airports so that the guests that are arriving and are unfamiliar with Delhi city can easily access the location and reach it safely. Probably a location in proximity to your own house. This will save a lot of travelling time and tiredness travelling. It becomes really difficult to travel to the location when you are all ready and decked in our outfits for the wedding. The cut-down in travelling time by selecting an ideal location of a banquet hall in Delhi will surely add to the overall enjoyment and lead to less hassle. 

Weather: If you are living in Delhi, you must take care of the weather conditions whenever planning any event or celebration of life. Delhi experiences extreme weather conditions in summers as well as winters. The date of your wedding and planned functions should be set accordingly, if possible. The spring weddings in Delhi are popular when it’s the so-called ‘Shaadi Season’ in Delhi and the whole city is filled with numerous wedding functions. Even if you're planning a summer wedding then all the arrangements of the hotel and air conditioning for the guests especially in outdoor venues must be taken care of. Winters are also perfect for both indoor as well as outdoor weddings. A warm lit bonfire can add to the coziness and your guests can enjoy it to the fullest. All such arrangements must be checked with banquet hall management before making the final booking.

Banquet Hall in Delhi for wedding

Delhi being a metro city is home to vivid cultures and diverse traditions. People from all over the country reside here and there is a blend of cultures, traditional practices, styles, and beliefs. If you’re planning your wedding in Delhi NCR then it will definitely be a grand affair. You will get the best banquet halls in the city in terms of decoration, vibe, arrangements, food, and location. Whether a small intimate ceremony or a big gala affair, Delhi has everything to offer to its people. It is the center of attraction for fat Punjabi weddings and breathtaking parties. The whole celebration vibe of Delhi will make anyone fall in love with this place. You can plan your dream wedding in Delhi with the best banquet halls that are within your budget and also satisfy all your aspirations to make your D-day much more special and memorable. The location, infrastructure, and food of this city compel and ensure a lavish wedding celebration for you. The luxury and updated trend model of the banquet hall in this city provides a lifetime experience. We bet your guests will never be able to get over the celebrations. A proven city in the field of fashion and modern designs, it will provide you with the best banquet halls to make your special day even more special and give a comforting as well as a memorable experience. Delhi can be the ultimate hotspot for your guests to easily gather if they are belonging to adjoining areas like Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Chandigarh, and Punjab. A large variety of function halls and banquet halls are available in Delhi that are exactly suitable for carrying out all kinds of ceremonies and other small functions related to your wedding.

Banquet Halls in Delhi for Engagement

The first step towards starting the most beautiful journey of your life, engagement is truly the start of your special celebrations. It all starts from here! Isn’t it? And you would want to make it a cosy and special memory. Balancing work-life and starting the wedding prep with engagement is truly a difficult kickstart to the journey and hence, it must be started with deciding the venue.

 Booking a banquet hall for engagement in Delhi by comparing and making sure that it suits your budget as well. Delhi NCR has beautiful banquet halls to offer for engagement ceremonies and special theme arrangements are also available in special demand. Delhi is considered to be a dream location to celebrate with your friends and family. 

A happening city with quality work-life, a growing commercial hub, and a joyful vibe, Delhi fits in perfectly for booking a banquet hall for engagement. Be it any part - North Delhi, South Delhi, West Delhi, or East Delhi, you will find several great banquet halls for engagement. You just need to pick according to your pocket, plans, and aspirations. Delhi banquet halls will never disappoint when it comes to celebrating the stepping stone of your married life which is your engagement ceremony. 

Banquet Halls in Delhi for Reception

The celebrations are not over yet until you have a blast with your loved ones at the wedding reception. The party where all the neighbours, colleagues, professional people, and others are invited to bless the newlywed couple. The Delhi receptions are worth attending. A full funny fair where style, fashion, lavish food, luxurious decoration, and cocktails are witnessed. Planning a reception in Delhi is a must after the wedding. The vibe that you can experience in Delhi, is never the same as anywhere else. You can book some of the best banquet halls for reception in Delhi NCR with just a click on your device. Technology has now made it super easy to surf through the various banquet halls available and the facilities they provide for hosting a grand reception. The food, decoration, and music of Delhi receptions are worth enjoying. Making your reception a grand affair? Then, Delhi is the place for you my friend! The memorable night of reception can be elevated to the next level of celebration and happiness when you are celebrating in Delhi. From lavish and pompous banquet halls to minimalist small venue banquet halls - you can choose according to your requirement as Delhi provides a handful of options to choose from.

Banquet Halls in Delhi for Pre-wedding 

To begin with the festivities of your wedding, banquet halls in Delhi for pre-weddings are just the ideal places. It’s time to go big and book yourself an apt banquet hall in Delhi for enjoying the pre-wedding functions with your close ones. Right from pre-wedding theme shoots to the bachelorette, Mehendi, sangeet, cocktail, Haldi, etc. Delhi NCR has one of the most promising and comfortable banquet halls to book for pre-wedding ritual celebrations. No need for hassling at home when you can get the most beautiful set-ups for each function in a banquet hall. Popper accommodation, food catering, theme decoration, and whatnot? All you get at just one place. Hence, it is absolutely the right choice to go to a banquet hall in Delhi for pre-wedding celebrations and other small functions before the actual D-day. This is the time when you can chit-chat, dance, and celebrate with your family members, cousins, and friends to the fullest. So, to make the most of this time, save yourself from all the hassle of making arrangements and simply just book a banquet hall in Delhi for pre-wedding.

Average Cost of Banquet Halls in Delhi

Delhi is one of the busiest cities in India and hence, booking a banquet hall here has to be taken up way before the actual date of the wedding. Advance bookings are a necessity here so that last-minute hassle can be avoided. While making the booking, it is necessary to have an estimate regarding the average cost of banquet halls in Delhi for making a favorable decision that also doesn’t exceed your budget limit. From the most luxurious and expensive banquet halls to the simple budget-friendly priced banquet halls - this city offers everything for everyone. The plate price for banquet halls in Delhi ranges from INR 1000 to INR 3000. Other services like decorations, DJs, dance routines, and special entry for the bride and groom. Etc charge extra on the bill. All the expenses of the banquet hall must be talked about and decided before making the final booking. The negotiations and discounts are available if any can also be taken up while deciding on a particular venue.

Wedding celebrations are memories for a lifetime that are cherished not only by the couple but also by all the joining guests, family members and friends. To make these celebrations comfortable and worth remembering, the arrangements need to be fair enough. Finding the best banquet hall for weddings in Delhi is now made easy while sitting at any place around the world. You can now make the bookings, check and compare various options, filter according to your final budget and also customize your wedding accordingly with just a few clicks on your device. The hassle of visiting each venue is now made easy. You can plan these best days of your life - the engagement, pre-weddings, the final d-day, and ultimately the reception by booking an ideal banquet hall in Delhi. Make a wise choice and enjoy your special celebrations and worthy moments.

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